• Behind the Scenes

    Meet the students who make MSURJ happen.

    John Ni


    Department: Biochemistry

    Research Interests: Protein engineering, structural biology

    General Interests: Soccer, cooking, web development

    Sofia Reynoso


    Department: Biology

    Research Interests: Genetic engineering, bioethics

    General Interests: Music history, rock climbing, and travelling

    Aelis Spiller

    Managing Editor: Events

    Program: Earth Systems Science

    Research Interests: Carbon sequestration, invasive biology (invasive species)

    General Interests: Frisbee, singing, listening to Spanish music

    Ryan Huang

    Managing Editor: Journalism

    Program: Neuroscience

    Research Interests: Neuron development, single molecule mRNA visualisation

    General Interests: Playing piano, reading

    Autumn Pereira

    Managing Editor: Journalism

    Departments: Biology and Mathematics and Statistics

    Research Interests: Evolutionary ecology, biogeochemistry, herpetology

    General Interests: Backcountry camping, baking

    Muhammad Shahzad

    Managing Editor: Logistics

    Department: Microbiology and Immunology

    Research Interests: Endocrinology, surgery, neuroscience, tissue regeneration

    General Interests: Cycling, running, reading

    Laura Reumont

    Managing Editor: Outreach

    Program: Planetary Sciences

    Research Interests: Planets, astronomy, climate change

    General Interests: Reading, octopuses

    Shafaq Nami

    Managing Editor: Technology

    Department: Bioengineering

    Research Interests: Cell and tissue engineering, drug delivery, vaccines

    General Interests: Reading, Exploring, Photography, Cats

    David Derish

    Senior Editor

    Program: Medicine

    Research Interests: Cardiac regeneration, evolutionary biology, emergency medicine

    General Interests: Movies, hiking, rock music

    Ines Durant

    Senior Editor

    Department: Physiology

    Research Interests: Trauma surgery, genetic regulation, sleep

    General Interests: Baking, reading, running

    Mina Mahdi

    Senior Editor

    Program: Cognitive Science

    Research Interests: Behavioural neuroscience, evolutionary biology

    General Interests: Reading, films, political theory, piano

    Laura Meng

    Senior Editor

    Department: Medicine

    Research Interests: Clinical medicine of all specialties!

    General Interests: Playing piano, swimming, art, interrogation forensics, café hopping

    Tiffany Spector

    Senior Editor

    Department: Pharmacology and Therapeutics

    Research Interests: Cognitive development, Multiple Sclerosis treatment

    General Interests: Movies, skiing

  • MSURJ Alumni

    The people who have made MSURJ great. Includes MSURJ board members from 2018 onward.

    Jenny Zheng


    Hugh Deng


    Aamir Wahhab


    Anthony Dumais


    Nathan Pilkey


    Jacqueline Yao


    Michael Agaby


    Viet Hoang


    Alina He


    Katharine Kocik


    Janet Zhao


    Anna Brandenberger


    Howard Li


    Carrie Gu


    Yingke Liang


    Mathilde Papillon


    Janet Wilson


    Shannon Egan


    Janet Tang


    Richard Yang


    Elias Andraos


    Sebastian Andric


    Abtin Ameri


    Deifilia To


    Graydon Tope


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