Authors, congratulations on your fantastic articles! Thank you for your time, effort, and scientific rigour.

  • What is MSURJ?

    When the McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal (MSURJ) launched in Fall 2005 as a student-run initiative to promote and support undergraduate research, it was one of North America’s first peer-reviewed journals devoted to undergraduate work. The journal offers undergraduate students from any university the unique opportunity to publish their findings to the research community.


    The journal distinguishes itself with its rigorous editorial process; we hold our articles to a high standard of scientific acumen and writing quality: each incoming submission is first revised by our student editorial board. Qualifying articles are then submitted to our peer-reviewers, professors, and graduate students who hail from universities all over the world.


    Our diverse editors, united by the mandate to promote undergraduate research, are involved in all journal operations, from soliciting research articles to coordinating the peer-review process and launching the journal. We encourage anyone with strong writing and editing skills and an academic interest in science to apply in the Fall semester of the school year.


    In addition to providing students with the opportunity to participate directly in the publication process, MSURJ is always looking for ways to encourage student involvement in all things research. In the upcoming school year, we will be hosting a new array of scientific activities to the McGill community ranging from R-workshops to research seminars.


    For more information on our upcoming events, please like us on Facebook

  • Peer-Review Process

    The steps to publishing with MSURJ.


    MSURJ Editorial Board Review

    All received submissions are first read and evaluated by the MSURJ editorial board, on the basis of the publication criteria. Rejected submissions are returned to the authors, with a point-form evaluation of the manuscript if requested.





    The short-listed articles undergo the peer-review process. Copies of the manuscript are sent to the selected reviewers, who are knowledgeable professors or graduate students in the given field. Upon receipt of the reviews, the comments are combined with those of the editorial board to reach a decision of the article’s suitability for publication.



    Conditional Acceptance or Rejection

    The conditional publication decision, comments from reviewers, and, if requested, a point-form evaluation of the article justifying the decision are forwarded to the author. In order for publication of the article to proceed, outstanding issues in the manuscript must be amended in accordance with the recommendations and resubmitted.

  • Our Events

    Some of the things we did, and some of the things we'll do!

    CV Editing Event

    On November 11th and November 12th of 2021, MSURJ and SRI hosted our popular annual CV editing event. Our combined team of 30+ execs helped more than 30 students across the McGill community with their CVs one-on-one! Using standardized guidelines, our team ensured that students had CVs that distinguished them from other applicants in research and beyond.

    Laboratory Tours

    Thank you to all who attended!

    MSURJ Volume XVII Launch

    April 8th, 2022, 5PM

  • Write for the Abstract

    The Abstract is MSURJ’s popular science blog where we publish informal articles on anything science related, including personal McGill science experiences. Those interested in sharing their passion for science are encouraged to submit!


    Please submit your articles to msurj.media@gmail.com.

  • Behind the Scenes

    Meet the students who make MSURJ happen.

    Jenny Zheng


    Department: Neuroscience

    Research Interests: Learning and memory in neural networks

    General Interests: Swimming, baking, reading

    John Ni


    Department: Biochemistry

    Research Interests: Nonribosomal peptide synthetases, neurogenetics

    General Interests: Soccer, cooking, web development

    Sofia Reynoso

    Managing Editor: Journalism

    Department: Biology

    Research Interests: Genetic engineering, bioethics

    General Interests: Music history, rock climbing, and travelling

    Ryan Huang

    Managing Editor: Journalism

    Department: Neuroscience

    Research Interests: Neuron development, single molecule mRNA visualisation

    General Interests: Playing piano, reading

    Muhammad Shahzad

    Managing Editor: Logistics

    Department: Microbiology and Immunology

    Research Interests: Endocrinology, surgery, neuroscience, tissue regeneration

    General Interests: Cycling, running, reading

    David Derish

    Managing Editor: Technology

    Department: Medicine

    Research Interests: Cardiac regeneration, evolutionary biology, emergency medicine

    General Interests: Movies, hiking, rock music

    Hugh Deng

    Managing Editor: Outreach

    Department: Microbiology and Immunology

    Research Interests: Immunology, immunotherapy

    General Interests: Cooking, running, swimming

    Aelis Spiller

    Senior Editor

    Department: Earth Systems Science

    Research Interests: Carbon sequestration, invasive biology (invasive species)

    General Interests: Frisbee, singing, listening to Spanish music

    Aamir Wahhab

    Senior Editor

    Department: Biochemistry

    Research Interests: Structural biology, protein biochemistry, cancer

    General Interests: Reading, playing video games, cooking, exercising

    Laura Meng

    Senior Editor

    Department: Medicine

    Research Interests: Clinical medicine of all specialties!

    General Interests: Playing piano, swimming, art, interrogation forensics, café hopping

    Mina Mahdi

    Senior Editor

    Department: Biomedical Sciences

    Research Interests: Behavioural neuroscience, evolutionary biology

    General Interests: Reading, films, political theory, piano

    Anthony Dumais


    Department: Cognitive Science

    Research Interests: Cognitive neuroscience and artificial intelligence

    General Interests: Reading, music, photography

    Shafaq Nami


    Department: Bioengineering

    Research Interests: Cell and tissue engineering, drug delivery, vaccines

    General Interests: Reading, Exploring, Photography, Cats

    Autumn Pereira


    Department: Biology and Mathematics

    Research Interests: Evolutionary ecology, biogeochemistry, herpetology

    General Interests: Backcountry camping, baking

    Nathan Pilkey


    Department: Microbiology and Immunology

    Research Interests: vascular calcification in CKD, phosphate homeostasis

    General Interests: outdoors, running, camping, cooking

    Laura Reumont


    Department: Physics

    Research Interests: Planets, astronomy, climate change

    General Interests: Reading, octopuses

    Tiffany Spector


    Department: Biomedical and Life Sciences

    Research Interests: Cognitive development, Multiple Sclerosis treatment

    General Interests: Movies, skiing

    Ines Durant

    Department: Biology

    Research Interests: Trauma surgery, genetic regulation, sleep

    General Interests: Baking, reading, running

  • MSURJ Alumni

    The people who have made MSURJ great. Includes MSURJ board members from 2018 onward.

    Jacqueline Yao


    Michael Agaby

    Viet Hoang


    Alina He


    Katharine Kocik

    Janet Zhao


    Anna Brandenberger


    Howard Li


    Carrie Gu


    Yingke Liang


    Mathilde Papillon


    Janet Wilson


    Shannon Egan


    Janet Tang


    Richard Yang


    Elias Andraos


    Sebastian Andric


    Abtin Ameri


    Deifilia To


    Graydon Tope


  • Editor Applications Now Closed!

    Thank you to all who applied and we will get back to you shortly!

    Please include a completed pdf of the below form and a copy of your CV into a zip folder titled "(Last name)_(First name)_MSURJ", and email it to applymsurj.sus@mail.mcgill.ca

  • Publish with MSURJ

    Submission opening: November 15, 2021

    Early deadline: December 16, 2021

    Final deadline: January 17, 2022


    We welcome original submissions from undergraduate students studying at any university. We publish research articles and review papers – interest pieces should be directed towards our blog, “The Abstract.” We always encourage authors to submit articles before the early deadline; although it does not improve your chances of acceptance, it allows for more time to complete all edits.


    All articles are peer-reviewed by two or more professors or graduate students from the relevant field; all pieces also undergo rigorous style and copy-editing by our editorial board. Above all, we seek to publish well-written articles demonstrating scientific acumen as well as accessibility to the general scientific readership. We encourage authors to write engaging manuscripts and limit technical jargon.


    Please read the following documents:


    Click for Author Instructions.

    Click for Consent Form.

    Click for LaTeX Template.


    All submissions must meet these criteria to be considered for publication:


    1. The article, in the following format:


    All papers should be double-spaced throughout. Limit length to ~4000 words. We will tolerate up to 4500 words, although this is not ideal. These numbers exclude references. Article must be in .doc, .docx, or .tex format. Font: Times New Roman, 12-point font. Format citations and references in Nature style only (see nature.com/nature/for-authors/formatting-guide).


    2. Signed Consent Form


    We cannot accept your article under any circumstance without it.


    3. Separate file containing figures, appropriately labelled.


    • Individual figures, appropriately labelled. Minimum image resolution is 300 DPI. .tiff, .png, or .jpg format.
    • Document with appropriately labelled figure and table captions. Each caption is to begin with the text “Fig. #” or “Table #” in boldface. If you wish to include any previously published table or figure, you must include a written permission from the main author.


    Please refer to the following documents for further information and instructions regarding the article submission process. A template for LaTeX submissions is available for download below. The .zip file contains a class msurj-pan.cls that defines template features, a main.tex file which explains the main features and gives examples, a refs.bib example bibliography, and a folder containing MSURJ graphics. The project should compile without issue if you upload these 4 components to an Overleaf project. If you are using your own LaTeX compiler and have trouble using the template, please contact david.derish@mail.mcgill.ca.


    To submit, please place your article and pictures in a zip folder and email the zip folder and consent form to applymsurj.sus@mail.mcgill.ca with the express title "LAST NAME, FIRST NAME: Manuscript Submission"

  • Contact Us

    McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal
    805 Sherbrooke St. West Room 1B21
    Montréal, QC H3A 2K6

    Email: msurj.sus@mail.mcgill.ca

    P. 514.398.6979 | F. 514.398.6766 (Science Undergraduate Society)