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  • What is MSURJ?

    When the McGill Science Undergraduate Research Journal (MSURJ) launched in Fall 2005 as a student-run initiative to promote and support undergraduate research, it was one of North America’s first peer-reviewed journals devoted to undergraduate work. The journal offers undergraduate students from any university the unique opportunity to publish their findings to the research community.


    The journal distinguishes itself with its rigorous editorial process; we hold our articles to a high standard of scientific acumen and writing quality: each incoming submission is first revised by our student editorial board. Qualifying articles are then submitted to our peer-reviewers, professors, and graduate students who hail from universities all over the world.


    Our diverse editors, united by the mandate to promote undergraduate research, are involved in all journal operations, from soliciting research articles to coordinating the peer-review process and launching the journal. We encourage anyone with strong writing and editing skills and an academic interest in science to apply in the Fall semester of the school year.


    In addition to providing students with the opportunity to participate directly in the publication process, MSURJ is always looking for ways to encourage student involvement in all things research. In the upcoming school year, we will be hosting a new array of scientific activities to the McGill community ranging from R-workshops to research seminars.


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  • Peer-Review Process

    The steps to publishing with MSURJ.


    MSURJ Editorial Board Review

    All received submissions are first read and evaluated by the MSURJ Editorial Board, on the basis of the publication criteria set out in the Author Instructions, Publication Rights Agreement, and these Editorial Policies. Rejected submissions are returned to the authors, with an evaluation of the manuscript if requested. Authors are free to submit revised manuscripts at any time. Manuscripts are anonymised to the editors until the decision to proceed to in-depth peer-review is made.





    The short-listed articles undergo the peer-review process. Copies of the manuscript are sent to the selected reviewers, who are knowledgeable professors or graduate students in the given field. MSURJ uses a double-blind peer review. Upon receipt of the reviews, the comments are combined with those of the Editorial Board to reach a decision of the article’s suitability for publication. The editors are ultimately responsible for the decision on manuscript acceptance or rejection.



    Conditional Decision

    The conditional publication decision, comments from reviewers, and, if requested, an evaluation of the article justifying the decision are forwarded to the author. In order for publication of the article to proceed, outstanding issues in the manuscript must be amended in accordance with the recommendations. It is the responsibility of editors to evaluate, according to arguments of the reviewers and authors, whether such issues have been adequately addressed, including by continued discussion with reviewers especially in the cases of differing opinions.

  • Got any cool ideas?

    MSURJ is always interested in hearing from and working with the public to further our goals of promoting undergraduate research and interest in science. Send us your thoughts by clicking the button below.


    If you are a student group interested in collaborating with MSURJ, please reach out to us by email to msurj.sus@mail.mcgill.ca. We always love to hear from other great organisations.

  • Write for the Abstract

    The Abstract is MSURJ’s popular science blog where we publish informal articles on anything science related, including personal McGill science experiences. Those interested in sharing their passion for science are encouraged to submit!


    Please submit your articles to msurj.media@gmail.com.

  • Recruitment Applications Now Closed

    Thank you to everybody who applied. If you are still interested in getting involved with MSURJ, please see our public initatives and adjunct membership programme here. We will also welcome applicants for the positions of MSURJ editor, The Abstract editor, The Abstract contributing writer, and MSURJ event coordinator in September 2023. Finally, announcements for MSURJ events will be posted on our social media, including https://www.facebook.com/mcgillsurj.


    Please include a completed pdf of the below form and a copy of your CV in a zip folder titled "MSURJ Editor_{Last name}_{First name}", and email it to applymsurj.sus@mail.mcgill.ca
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